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We help businesses raise capital to fund their projects through alternative finance.

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Broker/Agent Relationships

Brokers have access to a new source of income if they partner with RMCMI.

Our Philosophy

Our alternative finance is different from the direct financial offers of conventional banks and financial institutions.

What Makes Us Different?

We work with an exceptional team of experts and professionals who work as agents and bank executives.

About RM Capital

Welcome to RM Capital Markets Inc. - RMCMI

We assist successful businesses take advantage of privileged banking programs so that they can raise capital to fund their projects. It is alternative finance that traditional banks or their intermediaries offer indirectly, exclusively and privately.
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Our Services

Our Services

We help businesses raise capital to fund their projects through alternative finance, which involves leveraging assets and financial instruments. We have established relationships with agents and subsidiaries of well-established financial institutions to provide the required financial volumes and expertise committed to delivering the essential financial outcomes for our clients.

Private Placement Programs (PPP)

Private Place Programs (PPP) are private and exclusive investment opportunities designed for high-net worth individuals and institutional investors.

Non-Recourse Funding Programs

A non-recourse loan, which is considered as an alternative form of finance is one in which the lender cannot go after more than the collateral offered for the loan.

Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC) & Bank Guarantees

SBLC/BG are legal bank documents sent via SWIFT MT760 that guarantee a bank’s commitment of payment.

Encrypted Protection

We are a Sanctuary where your identity and finances are completely protected. Our Website, Internet Connection, Chat and Office Computer Hard Drives are ALL Encrypted and Secure.

Safe Browsing

Your computers connection to this website is completely Encrypted using an SSL Security Certificate with a focus on eliminating risks to information and technology.

Data Security

Your Privacy is our top priority! We take your security and privacy very seriously, and that’s why we have a comprehensive multi-layered encrypted privacy structure.

Our Clients

As a direct consequence of the PPP environment where these transactions take place, a non-solicitation agreement must be strictly followed by all parties involved. This agreement strongly influences the way the participants can interact with each other.

Need Professional Representative? Contact Us

If you are interested in becoming a broker/agent of the bank representative, please fill the form here to contact us for more information.

Market Evolution

Private Placement Programs

For minimum deposit of $25 million or less. Large institutions, funds and foundations sometimes deposit funds in their tens of billions to create money for major projects, particularly in the developing world.

Buy/Sell Programs

These have evolved out of the PPP formula where traders use forex and variety of banks.

Trading vs Private Placement

All trading programs in the Private Placement arena involved trade with discounted debt notes in some fashion.

Arbitrage and Leverage

Private Placement trading safety is since the transactions are performed as arbitrage.

Our Pricing

Affordable Pricing Plans

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Our Team

Behind Our Company

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