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Who Are We

Our partnership will be destined to achieve your financial needs with well-structured alternative finance.

Broker/Agent Relationships

Brokers have access to a new source of income if they partner with RMCMI.

Our Philosophy

Our alternative finance is different from the direct financial offers of conventional banks and financial institutions.

What Makes Us Different?

We work with an exceptional team of experts and professionals who work as agents and bank executives.


Welcome to RM Capital Markets Inc. - RMCMI

We consider ourselves as experts and professionals in alternative finance to raise capital for established and growing businesses through customized financial models. We work with a team of experts and professionals who specialize in financial engineering and structuring, issuance and monetization of financial instruments, and private placements. As credible financial partner, we are committed to assisting clients secure credit lines while also educating them on their exposure to financial instruments and credit strategies as a form of alternative finance not practiced directly by conventional banks. We are dedicated to helping clients raise capital that traditional banks and financial agents offer indirectly, exclusively and in private.  

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Our partnership will be destined to achieving your financial needs with a well-structured alternative finance.

Our Philosophy

Our alternative finance approach is different from the direct financial offers of conventional banks and financial institutions. We have access to exclusive financial services through financial instruments that can be leveraged and modified giving the client more financial options and power. We represent well established banks and financial institutions that specialize in the trade of financial instruments, and we draw on their experience and expertise to use sophisticated funding processes to generate lines of credit and non-recourse loans. Our mission is to make alternative finance more accessible to both established and growing businesses. Our responsibility is to make this exclusive opportunity more accessible to every business with the intent of raising quality capital for their projects and business expansion.

Our Project

Your profits can be used to finance major projects

Our Team

What Sets Us Apart

You will work with a dedicated team that will evaluate and assess your funding requirements and advise you on the best alternative finance option/model that will align with your needs.
The team will use their expertise and experience to assign the best funding model to enable you to secure lines of credit or non-recourse loans through financial instruments or private placement programs.
Our exclusive network of well-established network of private placement programs backed by major banks makes us different from other providers.
Our custom-made programs, which are exclusive to high-net-worth individuals and large corporations as well as growing businesses, set us apart from other providers. This guarantees that we provide our client with tailor-made and innovative financial solutions.
Our ability to deliver because of our transparency, professionalism, experience and expertise sets us apart from other professionals. All transactions are conducted through well-established institutions ensuring formal and traceable documentation.

Who We Serve

We Match Our Clients With an Experienced Consultant

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